The result of a single day build with the aim of creating a pen based on my preferred drawing refill (BiC Round Stic) that combines an often elusive pairing of usability with a shorter form factor. Using available scrap aluminium tube and rubber from around my workshop I created this set of two pens. To rubber grip tubing holds tight with friction alone and can be moved to suit not only differing hand sizes but also individual grip style. The grip can also be used to cover the point to avoid ink transfer when the pen is stored on the go. The notch out of the side of the grip offers greater control than existing ‘sold separately’ grip system who seem to present an ergonomic look rather than actual control over the writing implement. 

The final products measure at 101.5mm and 93.5mm respectively with the diameter of the inner tube at 5mm while the grip diameter measures at 10.5mm