Continuing an exploration into the beauty of inherent material properties, The Nature Of Bronze - stylised as TNO(B) - has resulted in a set of pendants that showcase various behaviours and properties of the material. The project elevates various inherent traits as the viable form of ornamentation, positioning nature as the ultimate practitioner. The pieces were created through processes that induce flaws in a traditional investment casting molds; the molten material is then pored into ravaged cavity and, through various forces of nature, finds its final form and character. When the pieces are excavated from the mold a small amount of oxide scale is brushed off to reveal the original colour of the metal and mounting points are selected to reflect the original flow of material which allows the piece to suspend itself in its natural inclination. The exposed bronze is left unsealed to allow the piece to further develop a unique patina that reflects wearers environment - colours range from black to brown to red, and a costal environment can even conjure a stark bright green. The pieces represent an argument for understanding and appreciating the depths of The Nature Of all Things in and beyond an ornamental context.


Photos by Daniel Bornstein