A large part of my design process hinges on my understanding of manu- facturing processes and while I am certainly entranced by mass manufac- turing techniques I find the nuanced value of more manual, hand oriented processes endlessly compelling.

My interest in such processes has led me to attempt them myself. The creation of the character pictured came about through investment (lost wax) casting.
This involved designing the initial wax sculpt, arranging it on a sprue sys- tem, coating the sprue system in successive layers of a ceramic mixture un- til a large mould mass is achieved, heating the mould in a kiln to harden the ceramic and melt the wax away. I then participated in the molten bronze pour. After the bronze object was excavated from the ceramic, hours of cold metal work (fettling, grinding and sanding) were spent to perfect the surface and eradicate telltale wax sculpting and casting marks. Black and brown patina was applied and rubbed and polished back in key areas.

The final piece is a tongue-in-cheek inditement of the persistence of pre-disposition and emphasis on iconographic paradigms in the art world.